Karl is aware that not everyone is comfortable or has the time to attend gyms and he is fully equipped to deliver personal one to one fitness training from an individual’s home if required. He has extensive experience in the development of newcomers, returnees to exercise and body toning.

Everyone has something different to gain from body conditioning, from arm or tummy toning, fat burning to highly sports specific training. Whatever your reason you are unique, and each and every motivator is as valid and relevant as the next.

Most importantly, all goals are achievable given the appropriate time, motivation and correct approach.

Karl works with a variety of cutting edge body conditioning and non-impact techniques and exercises, that draw from yoga, pilates, swiss ball, own body and free weights and mixed cardiovascular programmes, amongst others. His sessions are designed to improve flexibility, balance, core stability, strength, speed and power, ensuring that you look great and feel amazing.

He believes, and has consistently proven, that significant improvements in shape, tone and weight loss can be made with the successful implementation of a balanced training programme. As with all things worth waiting for the gains are not immediate, but commitment to a minimum three month programme will produce considerable improvements from which an  individual’s goals can be further assessed.

Absolutely anyone can benefit from having their own personal training regime. Neither age nor health concerns should be a barrier to leading a fuller, fitter life or achieving what you want from yourself physically.

Special populations that can also be helped include:

Coronary Heart Disease
Overweight and the obese
Pre and post natal

Bespoke packages are also available for those people needing to achieve a physical goal in a very specific time frame.