Injury Rehabilitation

Karl has a comprehensive understanding of the science of injury rehabilitation. He is a qualified sport therapist with the International Institute of Sports Therapy and is equipped to analyse the effects of sports injury on the musculo-skeletal system and its effect on your physical performance, prescribing exercise programmes for effective correctional and rehabilitation purposes.

You will benefit from a structured approach at each stage of rehabilitation to work towards normal daily, and on to full competitive activity. Consideration will be given to a range of sporting conditions including traumatic and overuse, plus the appropriate management of athletes to help achieve a full recovery by restoring all aspects of physical fitness including tensile strength, flexibility, normal movement patterns, endurance, power, priorioception, skills and speed.

All components of performance will be examined and a system of functional progressions utilised to ensure athletes are tested and fully prepared for a return to sport. A range of therapeutic exercises and drills may be prescribed to help an athlete attain full functional fitness, as well as help prevent injuries and other conditions recurring.